Congratulations to Bríd O’Meara the winner of the limerick competition at Write By the Sea 2017. Bríd received a voucher for a stay in Kelly’s Resort Hotel. Runners up were Margaret Hawkins and Mary Kavanagh. Well done to all! Read the winning entries here:



The Winning Entry:

One Saturday in Kilmore Quay

I ventured to Write By The Sea

I got all inspired

My genius was fired,

Now it’s onwards and upwards for me!

By Brid O’Meara



A limerick to commemorate an anecdote of Dervla Murphy’s at the festival about how sign language and sounds can aid communication in a foreign land

There was a travel writer short taken,

In a tent of elaborate making

Unable to get out

And with language in doubt

She said ‘Pssss, my need I’m explaining’

By    Margaret Hawkins


A mix of old faces and new

At Write By The Sea number 2

The talks were revealing

The workshops appealing

A friendly and welcoming crew!

By Mary Kavanagh