Sunday, September 25th

All Festival events will take place in the Stella Maris Centre unless otherwise stated.

9.45AM – 11.45PM EVENT 5

MargaretGalvinMargaret Galvin – The People, Events, and Places That Have Shaped Us    (limited numbers)
Margaret’s workshop aims to reconnect participants with their memories and personal stories in order to revisit, acknowledge and perhaps celebrate the past in the service of integration and self-knowledge. Margaret promises a relaxed, friendly workshop where every voice is respected and people share at their level of comfort.


Daithi KavanaghDaithi Kavanagh – Writing eBooks
The workshop will explain to writers the benefits of having your novel published in digital format. It will also look at the advantages that one might encounter having their novel published as an eBook as opposed to print. I will also look at the obvious reasons why most writers are not drawn to having their books in digital format and how these misgivings can be overcome.

 12:00- 1.00PM EVENT 6

Margaret Galvin and Peter Murphy – Readings followed Q&A

2.15PM – 3.45PM EVENT 7

Option A: Peter Murphy – If you want to write, write!!

Based on Peter’s own rich and varied experiences and accomplishments, this session will explore a variety of storytelling disciplines as well as the lifestyle discipline required to produce good work.  The aim of this talk is to inspire and hopefully deepen your appreciation of literature, encourage you to discover your own voices, and prepare you for the life of a writer.


Cat HoganOption B: Cat Hogan -I’ve written my book, what next??

You have written your manuscript and it’s hiding under the bed or in a folder on your laptop. What are you going to do now? How do you get an agent? How do you handle rejection? What is a synopsis?

Cat Hogan finished her first manuscript in June 2015, had an agent by August and signed a two-book deal with Poolbeg Press in November. Her novel, They All Fall Down was published in July 2016 and hit the Irish Times best seller list a couple of weeks after publication. The workshop will teach writers how to approach their manuscripts with a critical eye in preparation for submission, the value of researching and how to find the best agent to fit the author and the novel. Cat promises a fun and informal interactive workshop while giving aspiring novelists the tools and tricks to get their novels noticed.

4.00PM – 6.00PM EVENT 8

Fiona O'RourkeCreative Writing Kick Start with Fiona O’Rourke  Limited Numbers: 15 adults (age 18+)

This workshop offers the space and time to kick start creativity. Writing exercises designed to encourage new stories and instil belief in one’s ability to write. Participants just need pen, paper, and an open mind to let the stories come out of the head and onto the page. Suitable for beginners and those already writing.


Paul O'BrienNovelists Paul O’Brien and Cat Hogan interviewed by author Jackie Hayden.

Jackie Hayden will interview bestselling authors Paul O’Brien and Cat Hogan about their individual approaches to writing, their sources of inspiration and advice for would-be authors.


All Festival events will take place in the Stella Maris Centre unless otherwise stated.


All Festival events will take place in the Stella Maris Centre unless otherwise stated.

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