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Fiona Sherlock

Fiona Sherlock is a crime writer and columnist from Bective in Co. Meath. She is completing an MSt in Creative Writing at Cambridge University, specialising in screenwriting. The first of a three-book series led by old-fashioned detective January Quail, Death Visits January will be published in Ireland by Poolbeg Crimson this June. 

She created a range of murder mystery games, from Murder at Stackallen Castle to The Wizard’s Dagger, which exploded during the pandemic, with 100,000 people hosting mystery events at home or in their schools and workplaces. She also creates custom event experiences for private clients. 

Fiona was the 2021 Meath Writer in Residence and has also published two poetry collections and launched a range of NFTs. She also teaches creative writing and hosts storytelling workshops for children. When not writing, Fiona is usually found in her garden with her two unruly children or dressing up in vintage frocks.