Jennifer Johnston

More big names added to our wonderful programme!

Two of the most popular figures of Irish literature, John Banville and Jennifer Johnston, have been added to our programme for September.

John Banville will be in conversation with Derek Hand, Head of the School of English in Dublin City University and the author of the book, John Banville: Exploring Fictions. Jennifer Johnston will be interviewed by Jackie Hayden who has previously interviewed Dervla Murphy, Paul O’Brien and Cat Hogan at the festival.

2017 was another vintage year for Wexford author Banville, with the publication of his novel Mrs Osmonde, described as “a masterful and luxuriant reworking of the end phase of the Henry James’ classic The Portrait of A Lady”. He is regarded by many as one of the finest writers in English today. Jennifer Johnston has been a major figure in Irish literature since her debut novel The Captains and the Kings in 1972, and has been described by Roddy Doyle as Ireland’s greatest writer.

Welcome to Booth.

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