Write By The Sea Literary Festival is currently funded by the Arts Council and commits to upholding its Paying the Artist policy.

The Mission of Write By The Sea is to foster a love of literature by staging an annual literary festival that brings Irish and international writers, storytellers and visual artists together to share their work and their insights, to nourish and motivate new writing, while the Kilmore Quay community works together to make Write By The Sea an unforgettable experience for all our visitors.

Our Contracts with artists clearly outline the fees we offer. We also undertake to pay  travel and accommodation costs where applicable.

We aim to pay within 7 days of receipt of invoices.

What we pay (2022)

Writer Development & Events:

Mentoring session: €300

Masterclass/seminar: €300 – €500 (depending on context and duration)

Panel event: €200 – €300 (depending on context and duration)

Reading: €200 – €300 (depending on context and duration)

For in-person workshops and events we seek to cover writers’ travel expenses and accommodation costs whenever necessary. For online workshops and seminars, we will cover digital costs, e.g., Zoom fees related to the event.