The 2021 Writing Competition is Here

Top prize €500 plus two category prizes of €250.

It’s time to write – our competition is opening soon!

While we are still buzzing with excitement from last year’s competition, Write by the Sea is ready to set sail with the 2021 writing competition! As these chilly days grow milder and brighter there’s no better time to summon inspiration and start writing.  

This year we will accept submissions on any interpretation of the theme of rescue in the following three categories:

1. Fiction Short Story (maximum 3,000 words)
2. Memoir – a non-fiction piece drawn from the author’s own life (maximum 3,000 words)
3. Poetry (maximum 40 lines)

It breaks our hearts when we have to disqualify entrants who break the rules, so when preparing your entry please:

  • Keep within the maximum length of words/lines for your category
  • Remain anonymous – ensure that your name does not appear in your manuscript
  • Use double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font – no images or coloured fonts

Our judges tell us that it’s a joy to read a flawless manuscript that has been carefully proofread, so don’t spoil the ship for a halfpenny worth of tar, double-check your entry before you submit it.

You can read the full text of the Competition Rules here:  

Welcome to Booth.

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