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Zoom Room to Write Workshops

Linked to our Write By the Sea festival, our Zoom Room to Write workshop series is presented online. The series features both interactive workshops and masterclasses across many writing genres, facilitated by experienced writers and presenters. These online sessions are conducted through Zoom and are delivered in a friendly, congenial atmosphere. (the closing date for entries is 11.59 pm on Sunday 4th June 2023)

April 32 – A Masterclass from acclaimed Colombian Novelist Jorge Franco

Join Jorge Franco for an enthralling Write by the Sea Masterclass on 13 March 2021. Journey with him as he explains how his native Columbia influences his approach to his characters, themes, narrative and voice. In return, Jorge will challenge you to explore the impact of your place of origin on your […]

March 35 – Poetry Masterclass with Mary O’Donnell

Here’s a unique opportunity to join renowned Poet, Short Story Writer and Novelist Mary O’Donnell in a Masterclass. To book, click the link in this post or click the Eventbrite tab at the top of our homepage. A special feature of this event is that you will have an opportunity to send […]

February 30 – Finding your story: writing what you know and writing what you don’t know

‘Write what you know’ is often given as advice to writers looking for a story. Many authors use the routines and experience of everyday life – what they know – as the foundations of fiction. All stories are found, to a lesser or greater degree, through an author’s own perception of the […]

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