Cursed Murphy to launch new single at write by the sea

In case you haven’t noticed, Cursed Murphy is the performing name of writer, spoken-word performer and occasional actor Peter Murphy, and his concluding performance at Write by the Sea 2018 will coincide with the release of his new single ‘Foxhole Prayer’.  Peter has published two well-received novels, John the Revelator and Shall We Gather at the River (both Faber) and released two albums with the Revelator Orchestra. His live show, often featuring musical collaborators such as guitarist Dan Comerford and drummers Bloco Garman, combines spoken word, prose poetry and storytelling with song structures and soundscapes.  As Jackie Hayden noted in his review of a recent Cursed Murphy gig, “(The) rap and drum-driven ‘Foxhole Prayer’ may be destined to become the central focus of Murphy’s stage outings. It took us somewhere beyond despair, teased out with Comerford’s jagged guitar and a nod to Beckett. …. Murphy has become a magnetic performer who enables us to marvel at the generally unacknowledged celebratory power of the written word when performed rather than merely read.”

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