Margaret Galvin


Yes, did you hear the one about Write By The Sea 2018 featuring three of the most enthralling storytellers around?

The programme does indeed include Margaret Galvin, Pat Jordan and Brendan Power. Wexford-based storyteller Galvin will offer one of her compelling sessions of wisdom tales to transport you to the unlikely stronghold of the Earl of Benbo, to the cafe where cranes dance on the wall. Hear also her tale of the trickster’s pot that gave birth! Then discover why a poor man gave away a diamond!

Jordan has over twenty five years experience in story-telling and his funny stories reflect ordinary events. His tale-telling will be sprinkled with music from Brendan Wickham on tin whistle and uilleann pipes, and John Kenny on piano accordion. And Power’s workshop will explore what makes a good story, the difference between the written and the verbal, where to find stories, how to develop them and how to deliver them.

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Welcome to Booth.

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