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09:00 - 11:00 sat28sep09:00sat11:00Workshop - Working with sound to make your poem more publishablePatrick Cotter will examine poems which exploit the possibilities of assonance, consonance, alliteration, internal rhyme, pararhyme. He will attend to the integrity of the line and strategies for eliminating clichés. Poets can submit a poem in advance that they believe requires further work and can benefit from the constructive, critical attention of the group on the day.Stella Maris Centre, Crossfarnoge, Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford

09:30 - 11:30 sat28sep09:30sat11:30Workshop - Tense & POV in Short Story WritingJoin Lucy Caldwell for a hands-on workshop to explore some of the more unusual options available for writers of short stories – things that the short story can do brilliantly, and that might not be sustainable with longer-form prose. Participants will look at second-person and choral narration, the possibilities of future tense, conditional tense, imperative tense and will leave the workshop with lots of fun things to try.Lifeboat House, Lifeboat House, Kilmore Quay

09:00 - 11:00 sun29sep09:00sun11:00Workshop - Memoir & LifewritingAre you thinking about writing your life story? Exploring and sharing your personal experience can be daunting - but it can also be cathartic and lead to unexpected discoveries. This hands-on workshop with memoirist, Liz Jensen, will offer practical exercises and discussions on narrative structure, ethics, voice, intention, silencing the inner critic and more. Stella Maris Centre, Crossfarnoge, Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford

09:00 - 11:00 sun29sep09:00sun11:00Workshop - Archetypes & ImagerySarah Maria Griffin, winner of the An Post Young Adult Book of the Year Award, will guide writers through a hands-on workshop about interpreting the tarot as a dictionary of archetypes, a tool for telling stories, deepening character and getting unstuck. Lifeboat House, Lifeboat House, Kilmore Quay

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