The People, Events and Places That Have Shaped Us

Margaret GalvinMargaret Galvin – The People, Events and Places That Have Shaped Us    (limited numbers)
Margaret’s workshop aims to reconnect participants with their memories and personal stories in order to revisit, acknowledge and perhaps celebrate the past in the service of integration and self-knowledge. Margaret promises a relaxed, friendly workshop where every voice is respected and people share at their level of comfort.

About Margaret

Margaret Galvin grew up in Cahir, Co. Tipperary but has lived all of her adult life in Wexford where she worked variously with the library service, on the magazine Ireland’s Own, with adults with intellectual disability and currently with people dealing with addiction. She has published six collections of poetry over the decades, most recently, The Scattering Lawns (2013). Her academic background is in Social Care, leading to a particular interest in how writing can function as a self-help coping strategy to clarify thoughts and feelings.

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