The first book bearing the Write By The Sea imprint was published in January, 2019. It’s called SEA FEVER and is based primarily on deeply personal interviews the author Jackie Hayden conducted with members of the Kilmore Quay fishing community.

Through their own words, memories and stories, Sea Fever deals with conflicting images of the sea as a place of adventurous wonderment and romantic reflection, but also as a harsh environment from which brave people have traditionally made their livelihood and some, sadly, lost their lives too.

The book also includes a tasty selection of fish dishes, wonderful local photographs by Nicola Reddy, a reflective sea-poem by Joe Neal and lyrics of the songs ‘The Remembering Garden’ by Ian Barry and ‘The Village of Sweet Kilmore Quay’ by Mick Flynn.

Jackie interviewed nearly twenty local individuals and through them paints a vivid picture of the fishing community and life in Kilmore Quay.  At €10 it’s terrific value, a great read, and makes a valuable contribution to local culture.

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